Crash pad lounge, is painted matte black with neon and glow-in-the-dark paint. Sisal rug, flat-screen TV with cable, and a fold-out full-sized couch.  The room has regular, as well as black light lighting. Breakfast and coffee/tea is included in the room rate.  The room does require walking up a single flight of stairs.   The bathroom is not shared, and is outside the room (not en-suite). 

The room is decorated with psychedelic art, sugar skull art by a San Antonio artist, a glow-in-the-dark Vaseline glass hand, a glass skull, as well as a beautiful rose painted by a Pulse survivor.

This room has a short/diagonal ceiling, so tall people will not be comfortable.

Believe it or not, we discovered this room after we had purchased this house.  We thought it was a closet.  Some day we will learn who painted the awesome art on the ceiling - in the meantime, this room is attached to the Steel Horse room as a lock-off and is used as the upstairs lounge for guests. This room can be reserved by calling us at (407) 205-9992.

12/31/2017 "Thank you for the breakfast and a place to crash! :-)  It was GREAT! Happy New Year!" - T & J, Canada