Sculptures at Kapp and Kappy B&B in Kissimmee's Beaumont Historic District

We hope you enjoy all of the sculptures on the grounds at Kapp and Kappy Bed and Breakfast. Many of these are integrated with the gardens, so you might not even see them unless you look closely. The artist for most of the sculptures is Christi Kapp, one of Kapp and Kappy’s Innkeepers.

Christi Genet Kapp practices the polymathic way. She creates and connects combinations of people, processes and things.  She does this in a variety of ways including sculpting, leather work, writing, starting/growing/selling businesses, or working as an information technology leader and consultant.  Her artistic experience includes motorcycle concept design, metal work, leather work, and graphic design for Art In Motion, LLC.  Mediums she uses most often include metal, leather art, pencils and fiber.

At the core of each art piece that Christi creates you will find concepts of “BE-ing”, achieving , innovating and triumph.  Her art is practice for innovation.  If she can imagine it, she can do it, and through her art she wants to teach everyone else to think and succeed the same way. See her portfolio online and learn more about each sculpture at