Recent Hand-Written Guest Book Reviews

It’s always a treat for us when a guest writes a nice note in the guest book on the way out! It’s vintage, and reminds us of a less busy, less fast time ! Plus - we LOVE the conversations with guests. - Tom & Christi

2/1/2019 - This morning’s conversation with guests from just outside London was enlightening. Starting with conversation about how cold it was in Minnesota with the polar vortex and dialogue about Farenheit vs. Celcious, And that England DOES have palm trees, we then slid the conversation to the riotous blend of English & Metric Units that they live with. They have a sign that literally reads, “20 mph for the next 70 km”. Babies born in the hospital have kg recorded on their birth certificates, but the announcements of weight are made in lbs. Beer is measured in pints, but soda in ounces. The list goes on.
Tom talked about another measuring system called Whitworth which is an imperial based screw-thread standard. (Where does he get this stuff from?) We also talked about the new, faster electric trains and how hideous they have made the scenery in the countryside look. Sad that it is possible to design beautiful structures that are also functional, but people just do not bother.
— Tom & Christi Kapp, Innkeepers

2/2/19 - (UK Way of doing date works today!)

Thank you for a great stay in a real American home. We enjoyed our room and our time with such considerate hosts. We will recommend Kapp and Kappy to our friends in England — D & S from Wargrave, Berkshire

1/29/19 Thank you for the stay. It was great. And breakfast! 10/10. - J. S.

1/27/19 Thank you for the wonderful stay! We enjoyed very much! Cheers - K & A from Minnesota

27/1-19 Thank you so much for the stay, we loved it here. It was very special. We would love to come back. A & B from Trondheim/Norway


What a lovely experience we had this weekend. We were in town for a flag football tournament and used this relaxing environment to recharge. Highlights for us were the patio, art, breakfast and generous amenities. Thanks so much Christi & Tom! - J & A

Cricket the Sugar Horse

Cricket the Sugar Horse