Kapp and Kappy B&B Phase 2 - The Inspiration

The Kissimmee Land Company Building

Kapp and Kappy phase 2 design intent is to build a second structure containing five additional guest rooms.  The original inspiration is to be the  original Kissimmee Land Company building.  Locating  photos is something like a treasure hunt - with surprises along the way.   The Kissimmee Land Company was one of the early real estate companies selling parcels in Florida.  Other agents working out of this office included Harvard graduate Merrick Whitcomb, who also was an agent of the Lake Butler Villa Company and others. 

The first photo we located came from a book called "The Florida Railway and Navigation Company: The Key Line", reprint by Forgotten books.   The building is depicted as a one-story house with peaked roof and wraparound porch. 

Later etchings and photos of this building show it as a two story building. The building was raised - with the first floor becoming the second, and a decorative skirt added. 


This is a later engraving of the  the Kissimmee Land Company building.  In addition to housing the original realty office of William Cannon - a writer named Will Wallace Harney, known for his newspaper called the "Bittersweet" had a second-story office above the Kissimmee Land Company.  "From his second-story office above the Kissimmee Land Company, he wrote voraciously - his favorite subject being the potential of utiliing the Kissimmee River as a connector to Lake Okeechobee and thence to the sea" (A Pine Castle Anthology: The Collected Writings of Will Wallace Harney, by William S Morgan

The Kissimmee Land Company Building 


Hanging on the wall in the Kissimmee Chamber of Commerce is a photo of the building with William Cannon, Hamilton Disston's business partner standing with his daughter on the porch in 1884. 

This building is standing at the corner of Broadway & Monument.  An 1887 Kissimmee directory lists William Canon as a real estate agent working on Broadway at the SW Corner of Possiel.  Perhaps Possiel was the alley behind the current building. 

Located here at this location in the Rivers building today is a coffee shop named Buchito on the ground floor.  Now herein comes the surprise - we found a reference to the building being moved on the original geocities Kissimmee walking tour.  We then learned it was repurposed as Dr T M Rivers' Private Hospital.  

Dr. Rivers' Private Hospital, Kissimmee, FL

Dr. Rivers' private hospital - Kissimmee, Florida.  191-. Black & white photonegative, 4 x 5 in. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. <https://www.floridamemory.com/items/show/142962>, accessed 26 May 2018.

Dr. Rivers' private hospital - Kissimmee, Florida. 191-. Black & white photonegative, 4 x 5 in. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. <https://www.floridamemory.com/items/show/142962>, accessed 26 May 2018.

In July of 1914, Kissimmee gained a new private hospital courtesy of Dr. T M Rivers.  The hospital was located at the corner of Dakin Ave and Aultman Street (204 W Dakin Ave).   The building was originally built as the Kissimmee Land Company Building in 1885 which was located at the corner of Monument and Broadway.  Dr T M Rivers moved it to create the hospital in late 1913 or early 1914.  He then constructed the current day masonry Rivers Building in 1915.  You can see the original newspaper article about the hospital opening in the July 17, 1914 version of the Kissimmee Valley Gazette

The Kapp and Kappy Adaptation 

We will need to adapt the design to maximize space inside, but we have decided to see if we can add the full wraparound porch.    Stay tuned for the progress as Tom does the building design.